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Importance of oscillating-sliding doors

Sliding and oscillating-sliding constructions allow the design of more spacious rooms than usual, with the expansion of the space designed for standard doors.

The oscillating-sliding doors do not cover much space when opened and are easily placed near a table or TV. The structure of the door is equipped with a mechanism that allows a smooth sliding of the sash along the rail. They are simple and safe for use. Even a child can manipulate them with ease.

Moreover, the structure is equipped with an anti-theft mechanism which will spoil any plans of a thief. The doors allow sound and thermal insulation due to specially designed lower hinges. They are silent at the opening, while the metal elements of the door are covered with a special anti-corrosion coating, which contributes to the operation life span of the door. An extra advantage of the oscillating-sliding doors is the swinging mechanism, which creates micro-climate ventilation in the room. A special micro lift will protect the door when opened from uncontrolled maneuvers.

Our company is confident about the high quality and functionality of these constructions, which enables us to guarantee your enjoyment in the use of this type of doors for at least 10 years. The doors anufactured by our company may be installed in many places, for instance: porch, balcony, pool, bathroom, summer kitchen, terrace and even for separating a room, instead of using a dividing wall.

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