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Garage gates

Roller gates are pretty similar to the roller blinds, except they have the blades made of harder material because of their larger dimensions.

Garage gates

They are suitable for such objects as:

  • particular garage;
  • shopping / entertainment centers;
  • production sites;
  • warehouses and hangars.

Mounting of gates is possible in the doorway or outside, as well as inside or outside the building. The maximum sizes which allow the installation of roller gates are: width – 6 m, surface – 18 m2. The roller gates are an economically advantageous solution for large areas. The aluminum, from which the door blades are made, remains stable against corrosion, UV radiation and atmospheric precipitation. It resists heavy blows.

The same is valid for the other details and parts of the construction. During production, the gate elements undergo special processing that makes them stable to aggressive external environmental factors.

The mechanism of the gate functions almost without noise due to the precise balancing of the guides and the sheet, as well as the special rollers that ensure smooth movement. This is very important for the garages adjacent to houses, where the rolls are installed in the immediate vicinity of othe people’s houses.

Roller gates are easy to mount, comfortable in operation and hard to break.

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