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Roller blinds

The roller blinds are a good alternative for external bars and internal blinds. They also ensure privacy.

Roller blinds

They have an attractive aspect and are practically invisible when opened. In addition, the roller blinds have a good thermal and sound insulation. The construction is easy to operate, no matter the instllation type you choose. These devices are also efficient against frost, heat or bright sunshine. In our company, you can find roller blinds for any mounting method, each with its own advantages.

Roller blinds with incorporated chamber

This type of roller blinds is ideal for any house. The box is in a niche above the window opening, creating the impression that the canvas descends from the wall, as you can see in the first image above. The integrated box hides completely the mechanism of the roller with the help of a special inspection cover. To perform some works you can access rapidly the entire mechanism through a hatch which is mounted under the box (marked in red). The other 3 sides of the box shall be isolated, if desired, by the owner. As far as the construction allows, we can mount the box above the window, either on the window itself or we can build an installation which can partially overlap. In the first case, sunlight will be used as much as possible. The option with partial overlap, although it requires a niche in the window gap, shall not be too deep. Regardless of the chosen installation method, our specialists will carry all the works very quickly and efficiently. You will only have to choose the method of handling the rollers: either automatically or manually, and enjoy the new roller blinds.

Applied external roller blinds

The applied external roller blinds may be mounted on the already existing openings. You do not have to worry about the additional works in the window’s gap. These are easily attached on the facade and fit perfectly with the general design of the building. Due to this type of roller blinds, the flow of light entering the window shall not be affected at all. The box, which is situated outside the building, does not need any additional isolation, which reduces significantly the installation costs. This type of roller blinds are both easy to use and repair. In any event, if a problem arises, due to quick access to the mechanisms, the repair of the rollers will be carried out very fast. If you choose this type of roller blinds, we kindly ask you to contact our specialists, who will recommend the best solutions according to the needs of the owner.

Advantages of overlapping roller blinds

The overlapping roller blinds shall be installed exclusively with the joinery, in the gap of door or window. The mounting procedure for this type of roller blinds shall be planned at the stage of elaborating the design of the building. They are almost invisible on the facade. Their protection characteristics are not inferior to the other two types that were already approached above, instead they are even better. We also call them warm box roller blinds, because they are mounted in such a way that the box stays inside the room, while the canvas stays outside, as you can see in the cross-sectional image layout. This may need an additional isolation of the inner box because aluminum has a high thermal conductivity and this may cause additional heat loss in the room.

With regard to their protection, warm box roller blinds are safer than the other two models, because the access to the box is almost impossible. All controlling mechanisms of the canvas are located in the inner box and are not accessible from the outside. Even in winter you can have access to them without the need to work during low temperatures. If you choose this method of installation, we kindly ask you to consult our specialists in order to make sure that all the works are done qualitatively.

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